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Farshad Tofighi

Farshad Tofighi


About Me

I am a Web Developer with over six years of professional experience in web development with a demonstrated history of working with such professional teams. Skilled in Object-oriented programming, Solid principles, and Design patterns. I have been working with Scrum and Agile methods. My passion is to move on the edge of technology. I am always looking forward to learning new technologies and broadening my skills in programming.

Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas

Able to provide ideas during developing project
Coding Standard

Coding Standard

Obsession with standard coding in accordance with SOLID principles
OOP Programming

OOP Programming

Object-oriented programming with design patterns
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Skilled in responsive design for all devices

Done Projects

+25 Done Projects

Satisfied Customers

+23 Satisfied Customers

Lines of Code

+6,000,000 Lines of Code

programming tutoring

+150 hours tutoring


Work Experience

Iran Server

Web Developer
Jun 2020 - Present
IranServer started it's activity in 2002 and soon became one of the biggest and well-known companies for providing web hosting in Iran. Now, IranServer has more than +160,000 active customers which are growing fast.
As a Back-end Developer, I am working with microservices.
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Some of my main responsibilities:
- Developing microservices using Laravel and Lumen
- Designing API for sub-systems
- Developing and Maintaining Apis
- Refactoring and optimizing codes
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Web Developer
September 2017 – February 2020 . 2 yrs 6 mos
Omegfa is our freelancing team, including 3 members. Me, and 2 other teammates who are highly skilled in programming. We started our activity in 2017. I have developed various types of websites and telegram bots.
see more It's my pleasure that all of our customers were satisfied at the end of their projects.
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Sadjad University of Technology Research Center

Web Developer
July 2017 – March 2018 . 9 mos
Sadjad University of Technology Research Center worked on some important projects, some of which was Samanir, which it's duty was monitoring solar power plants and showing data in real-time to users.
As a Back-end Developer, I got the responsibility of R&D and developing the project.
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Some of my main responsibilities:
- Developing monitoring system by Laravel
- Designing API's for connection with inverter
- Show data to users in real-time
- Multi devices and switch between them with one click
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Sadjad University of Technology

Bachelor's degree, Software Engineering
September 2013 - June 2017












Restfull Api



Telegram Bot


Professional working proficiency




Implementation of solar power plant monitoring - Real time show data - Multi devices and switch between them by one click - Provide daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports


Buy and sell cryptocurrency peer to peer automatically - Show online market data - Users can chat together - Online payment


Collection of group discounts for restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, catering - Online payment and get discount Provide sale reports


Online order food via website and telegram bot - Provide income reports for restaurants - Manage orders and send message to users step by step

Digital Coins

Instantly view the price and trading volume of currencies - Support all coins of market - Send alarm for each coin via telegram and sms


Buy and sell cryptocurrency via telegram bot - Register in less than 3 minutes - Online payment and deposite coin to wallet automatically

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